Outdoor Education


Treverton is well known for its pioneering in the Outdoor Education field. A proudly Eco-School, Wessa award winner, we see our role in the sustainability of our Natural resources as firmly grounded in the education of our learners for and towards sustainable living and growth.

With the increase in urbanisation and a merging between online and real-life living, there is a growing body of academic research demonstrating the positive impact of outdoor education on human learning, well-being and creativity.

Our heritage of outdoor education, from the compulsory termly Grounds programme as a boarder, weekend hikes and holiday camps and adventures in the Drakensberg mountains, rock faces and rivers, to the post-Matric programme, which enabled young adults to qualify for certificates in various adventure activities.

Learners in Grades 8, 9, 10 and 11 spend at least a week a year in an Outdoor Education camp. The Grade 10 learners spend 15 days on a hike that leads them from Treverton to the summit of Giant's Castle and back.

Outdoor education allows each learner to think, try, share, use different ways, make mistakes, question, feel worthy, build autonomy, and achieve self-esteem since it encourages participation and collaboration. Competition is limited and punitive assessments and tests are not the measure of a person’s value.

Outdoor Pursuits

A golden thread running through all the schools is Outdoor Pursuits. It is a formal programme integrated into the weekly timetable of learners and an awards/achievement programme in which learners are encouraged to work towards an OP Award.

A typical Outdoor Pursuits lesson would include any of the following:

  • tick-circle Kayaking on the school’s dam
  • tick-circle Rock Climbing on indoor or outdoor climbing walls
  • tick-circle Navigation
  • tick-circle Orienteering in the Treverton Wildlife Area (TWA)
  • tick-circle Minimal-impact camping in the TWA
  • tick-circle Team Building & Leadership Development
  • tick-circle Training in equipment, route planning & safety

OP Awards

These activities are fun and build self-motivation, encourage structured time in the outdoors, promote sensitivity to nature and help develop communication skills, physical skills and self- discipline:
  • tick-circle Drakensberg Award
  • tick-circle Summit Award
  • tick-circle Traverse Award
  • tick-circle Kayaking Award
  • tick-circle Rock Climbing Award
  • tick-circle Solitaire Award – camping solo for 48 hours
  • tick-circle Endurance Award (Running, Adventure Racing or Mountain Biking)
  • tick-circle Service Award
  • tick-circle Midmar Mile Award
  • tick-circle Polar Bear Award – jumping into the dam once a week, every week for a year
  • tick-circle Venture Award