Day Scholars


Although we are a close-knit boarding community, we, too, have a strong day scholar community that is integral to our community. Our day scholar students hail from rural farmlands and small towns within a 40 km radius of our Campus. A perk of being a day scholar at Treverton is the ease with which your family integrates into our vibrant community - allowing for consistent parental participation in school events held on campus and off.


Two bus services that transport students between Nottingham Road/Rosetta and Estcourt are available to Day scholars. These bus services require termly booking through our Transport Department.

Nottingham Road Day Scholar Bus Schedule:

The meeting place is always at the Notties Spar, in the mornings at 06h50.

The first bus departs Treverton at 13h45 and drops off at Spar at 14h10. The second bus departs from Treverton at 16h35 and arrives at 17h00.

Estcourt Day Scholar Bus Service Schedule:

The meeting place is always at Indulgence Salon: 16 Pylon Avenue, Estcourt, mornings at 06h40.

The first bus departs Treverton at 14h40 and drops off at 14h30. The second bus departs from Treverton at 17h00 and arrives at 17h30.


The percentage of Day Scholars to Boarders is a third to two-thirds. To accommodate our Day Scholars and to allow for ample representation within our community, we have a dedicated staff member who is the Day Scholar Head of House. This role is pivotal in ensuring that necessary arrangements are made to facilitate, manage and keep up to date the information, care and discipline within the Day Scholar community.

The Day scholars have a dedicated Common Room with comfortable sofas, basic kitchen amenities and digital device lockers. The Common Room is accessible before and after school.

Day Scholars can utilise Boarding for a night when needed; this is billed to the parent. They can, too, enjoy a hot lunch in the Dining hall, but they must pre-book via their Head of House. This, too, is billed to the parent.