Starting boarding school significantly changes a young person’s life; we understand what it means to be away from home. Our staff may be educators, but they’re often parents, too. The experience of our staff’s dual perspectives enables us to deliver exceptional education and, simultaneously, the care and nurture young people need to succeed.

Today, as in the past, our Boarders continue to enrich the heart and soul of Treverton, and we’re proud to offer families a co-educational experience that enables brothers and sisters to stay connected during the schooling journey. Treverton has separate boarding houses for boys and girls, offering a safe and secure space to learn, mature, and grow.

College Houses

Trew and Lind House are the homes of our College Girl Boarders. Trew House is the Junior house for Grade 8 and 9 girl boarders. Whilst Lind House is the Senior house for the Grade 10, 11 and 12 girl boarders.

Jonsson and Harland House are the homes of our College Boy Boarders. Jonsson House is the Junior house for the Grade 8 and 9 boys. Harland House is the Senior house for the Grade 10 through 12 Boy Boarders.

Rooms & Common Areas

Students can make themselves home in their room, complete with a bed, study desk, storage, and the freedom to decorate. Our boarding precincts' light, space, and fresh air embrace our country setting.

Common lounges in all houses are comfortable and inviting spaces, with large-screen TVs and restricted access to Netflix, DSTV and the like. Each Boarding House has a small kitchen where students can access essential kitchen appliances to make healthier snack foods. Laundry is collected twice a week and handled by an outside provider.

Boarding Transport

Taking complete care of our Boarders, we oversee and pre-empt solutions to as many challenges our families may face with their children living apart from them. For holidays and a half-terms, we have a bus service that runs consistently to three locations: Durban, Johannesburg, and Botswana. These bus trips can be booked termly. To see our Boarding parents, we ask that at the start and end of the school year, the parents themselves transport their children to campus and back.