A sudden spike in COVID19 cases, and associated contacts, resulted in  our Grade 10 Giants Journey being postponed until November. However for those staff who would have been accompanying the pupils on their 15-day odyssey, this became an opportunity to grow. We headed up to the Drakensberg Escarpment to get 4 days of good experience, that would only benefit the postponed Grade 10’s Giants Journey.

While a number of staff had already attended a mountain leader course, there ultimately is no substitute for experience. And so it was that 13 staff members headed into the Mnweni region of the Drakensberg on Friday morning. Our route took us up Ntonjelana pass, across to the Mponjwana/Rockeries region where the source of the Orange river lies. In doing so, we passed the north and south peaks that create the iconic feature known as ‘The Saddle’. We also had the opportunity to look at an active breeding colony of Cape Vultures.

Our descent via the Mnweni pass gave us magnificent views of the dramatic spires and features of the Mnweni cut-back. We camped at some amazing pools where the Icidi river joins the Mnweni before ultimately walking out to the Community Centre.
For some staff, this was their first or second experience of the high Drakensberg, while for others it was simply a good opportunity to get out, stretch legs and to impart knowledge to those newer to this kind of thing. Such a trip allows one to gauge the suitability of one’s equipment and meal planning, and also to provide opportunity for leading, navigation and learning. More importantly, it is good for growing staff unity, and for sharing the understanding that all such things should ultimately point to the glory of God and our place in his creation. I think everyone had a great time, even if it was a baptism of fire for one or two, and an introduction to blisters and sore knees.

My name is John Hutton and Treverton has been my home since 2018. I have a lovely wife, Natalie, and we have two children Ayla and Jayce. After we got married, my wife and I enjoyed three years in Sapporo, on the snowy northern island of  Japan. We lived there, taught our language and learned their language and travelled to China, Thailand, South Korea and the Philippines. After our travels, we came back to KZN and I taught at Grace College for 5 years before here. I love Treverton’s unique environment and the very real sense of being amongst family on campus. One of my favourite moments here was taking an extra lesson on the Matric novel and walking past the zebra and blesbok and dodging a rinkhals on the way. Should you wish to chat to John directly, please feel free to contact him via

#thetrevertonexperience www.treverton.co.za